Curved ceilings create a relaxing atmosphere by opening up any space using rounded lines and curved surfaces. These ceilings align with ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui that believes curved surfaces create a calming energy and a relaxing atmosphere.

Curved ceilings are a great way to open up the space. Our flexible perimeter tracks allow us to create ceilings with a 3 foot radius curve. Our track allows us to connect wall and ceiling with a curve. It opens up creative design freedom at an affordable price to our customers. The new ceiling/wall structure becomes a one-piece installation.

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

W Hotel Residence, Hoboken, NJ

Compass Rose

Valparaiso, FL

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    Sustainable Design is one that eliminates negative environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly, non-harmful materials that reduce waste, transportation, labor, and the need for additional materials.

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