Ceiling panels are framed and suspended under the main ceiling substrate. Ceiling panels built with stretched fabrics are lightweight compared to traditional hard-surface construction. They are more economical in labor and material.

Stretched ceiling panels also serve as an acoustical treatment for absorbing unwanted noise in the room and a creating quiet, comfortable environment. Lighting can play a very important role in creating a fantastic ceiling panel. Fabric panels can be backlit or illuminated with lights shining on the sides of the frame, creating a lighting border around the perimeter.

Ceiling panels are ideal for creating works of art like ceiling murals. When printing large ceiling surfaces exceeds your budget, we can install printed panels in the areas where you want to dress up and accent. Ceiling panels work wonderfully with lighting and artwork looks phenomenal when it is illuminated.

Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel

New York, NY – Oversized Fine Art

Central Liquors

Flemington, NJ

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