Backlit Multi-Color Vortex

Backlit Multi-Color Vortex

Staten Island, NY  

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  • Education

    ZAR Group is proud to offer architects, designers and specifiers an AIA continuing education course "Energy Efficient Stretch Ceilings & Walls". Throughout this one hour course, we will discuss how the innovative use of stretch fabric systems and reflective insulation together can source users with energy cost... more.
  • About Zar

    ZAR Group Inc. is the distributor and installer of Architectural Technical Textiles. We have been designing and installing stretch ceilings and walls in the NY Tri-State area since 2007. We are proud to be the pioneer... Read more...
  • Sustainable Design

    Sustainable Design is one that eliminates negative environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly, non-harmful materials that reduce waste, transportation, labor, and the need for additional materials.

    ZAR Group is environmentally responsible in all our business practices. Find out more...